• “Dance music was on it’s arse before we came along”. [Sergio Pizzorno]

• In 20, 30 years’ time, no one’s going to give a f**k about mediocre bulls**t radio bands – they’re going to look to us in the same way we look to the boys, back in the day,” [Sergio Pizzorno]

“A rock ‘n’ roll star should have a drug habit at least once in their career, they should have a Rolls Royce, should smash the fucker up, should have a big house, should get off his head and THAT is a rock ‘n’ roll legacy.” [Tom Meighan]

• “We start to get into an idea and put it down. We start with the computer. We start with the beats. Sometimes we lay down some guitar. Sometimes Sergio writes down some guitar parts and brings that in to the rest of the band. It’s much like how you would do a hiphop album. ” [Tom Meigan]

• We just went in there and played it. Some of it was one take and some of it wasn’t. It all depended on how we were feeling and how the mood was. Sometimes we would attack a song in one take or a few takes.  [Tom Meigan]

• You also supported the Rolling Stones – do you think you’ll still be going at their age?
SP: If we can still play Club Foot at 65. Mind you, Jagger still bounces around. But he’s a f*cking health freak…
TM: And I’m not.

• “I’m continuing this journey so I can have a laugh with my pals and on the way be as free with my music as I can be, I don’t worry about sales or number ones. I want to blow people’s minds with my music.” [Sergio Pizzorno]